Apocalypse Please

Depression / Bipolar Disorder / Social Anxiety ...

A very drunken picture of my boyfriend dropping me hahah.

I'm Hilary :)
I love weird stuff. If you don't like blood, guts, death, stuff like that, then I don't recommend that you follow me. .

I may post Triggering Images.

Molly <3


Anonymous said: I love you sweetheart. You're beautiful and don't you ever think differently. You'll get through everything. If I did, then so will you <3

Thank you so much <3 Next time no anon?

Anonymous said: are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?


Erm, not too sure who will read this.

But I thought I’d give y’all a wee update. 

I’m no longer harming, I’m two weeks clean. I have an amazing boyfriend/fiance thing haha. (He is the reason I’m clean)

I’m moving house in a couple weeks and I’m very very happy now. :)

  1. I love you sweetheart. You’re beautiful and don’t you ever think differently. You’ll get through everything. If I did, then so will you <3
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    …. all this. i know its like an addiction but please, try stop. I am speaking from experience. Save your own life
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    I understand me saying this will influence your life in probably no way whatsoever. But please please please, do not cut yourself, there are so many better ways to convey emotion and everything. You could end up doing something really stupid and losing your life, you don’t get that sort of thing back and im sure if you get the chance to grow older you’ll look back and understand

Present from Molly (the punk guy) 

Got wasted 3 days in a row, didn’t pay for a single drink, sat in the pub most of last night then got fucked by a punk. 

I’m rather happy.


Scrubs reunion on Cougar Town S03E05

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Awesome salad is awesome.

Awesome salad is awesome.